Facilities & Infrastructure

The school is located in Bakhtawarpur, Delhi. There are approximately 1200 students, over 60 faculty, administrative and support staff.

Guided by an enlightened and supportive Governing Body of Administrators, under the inspiring Management of Principal Mr. Harender Kumar Yadav the school has become synonymous for academic and extra-curricular achievements


CRPS is no place for passive learning. The school continues to thrust on innovative practices, project methods and experimentation.
For all the techie-buffs and computer – oriented people who wish to quench their thirst for knowledge we have well equipped and spacious labs of Science, Mathematics and Computers.
The labs have a variety of charts, posters, collages and models related to different concepts, themes and activities of life. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Modern Mathematics and Computer Labs – all are fully equipped with requisite equipments. These labs enable the students to develop their full potential and embark on an exciting journey of discovery and growth. All these labs provide a total learning experience incorporating real world experiences and events with classroom discussion and analysis.


School provides the best facility in its science lab where under the esteemed guidance of the expert subject teachers students deliberately do the experiments and learn in the best do and learn way where students not only learn by doing but also by realizing the importance of subject in today’s world. The lab makes students more rational towards their approach to the things which matter. The lab is in-charged by expert subject teachers with excellent academic result.


It has been set up keeping in view those students who have phobia of Maths and its calculations. The lab has models, charts on various tactics that a student can use and be comfortable with Maths. The teachers facilitate students by using every means available in the lab and bring all students on the same page. The lab is incharged by expert subject teachers with excellent academic result.


The school has well equipped Computer lab. This lab gives the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom. We have around 45 computers systems and 5 faculties for computer. In CRPS, we prepare student for their future.

Now – a – days, students require computer knowledge in every field so that computer lab has been designed with standard room size with best furnished floor and ceiling with 4 air conditioners and 45 computers for the students and 1 computer for instructor with a white board to explain away computer as a subject for the students who opt computer as a subject.

The computer lab facilitates all students from class Prep to XII. Students are made competent in using / dealing with software installed ad specified by CBSE for all classes. Broad band connectivity with higher speed enables student to surf on internet with all time sand by power supply and a mini library with over 50 books on computer education. The lab is in-charged by expert subject teachers with excellent result..


It has been especially set up for classes XI & XII so that the students could learn this specific branch of social science to the deep. The lab has models, chart and slides of relevant topics with tip to toe information of the topics. The lab is in-charged by expert subject teachers with excellent academic result.



The mission at CRPS is to nurture academic excellence and provide an enabling environment for students to enter the world of work with confidence. The spacious, airy and well – ventilated, fully equipped rooms with subject charts and teaching aids enable the students to carve a niche for themselves wherever they go and face the challenges of a global community. Learning isn’t just a classroom activity at CRPS. It spills into formal and informal discussions, seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations by distinguished visitors to the school.


The open courtyards, wide corridors, school ground with beautiful manicured lawns, trees and flowers celebrate the diversity of nature. The entire area is like a green belt and provides a safe, pollution free environment to the students.

Students participate in a wide range of sports activities like Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Handball, Athletics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Skating.

The school sustains the level of competence and achievement with dedicated coaching and training, well – maintained courts and full provision of sports items and kits. The students winning laurels prove excellence of school in this field.


The fully equipped courts for Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Badminton etc. are the play fields where the students and future sports persons are taught to imbibe the principles and vital lessons of fair play, discipline, and sportsman’s spirit.

School centers especially those students who are not good at studies. Such students are directed to the other co-curricular activities such as ports where students choose their interest of Games or Sports. Our students have performed at Zonal, District and National level & have been awarded with prizes for their excellence in different games and sports.

Sports in School:

1. Volleyball

2. Kabaddi

3. Kho-Kho

4. Basketball

5. Handball

6. Mini Footbal

7. Badminton

8. 200 meter Athlete Track


CRPS’s superbly equipped, expertly maintained and furnished library is an invaluable aid to every aspiring scholar. It boasts of an impressive stock of books, magazines and encyclopedias. The spacious reading room provides an atmosphere conducive to the exhilaration of mental discovery. Students are encouraged to become sagacious users of the library. Library comprises 6 major newspapers, 19 periodicals and over 7000 fiction & non- fiction books.

44 x 22
2 Air-conditioners
1. The Hindu (English)
2. Times of India (English)
3. Nav Bharat Times (Hindi)
4. Hindustan (Hindi)
5. Economics Times (English)
6. Employment News (English)

1. HFI Education Today
2. CSR (Competition Success Review)
3. Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi)
4. Pratiyogita Darpan (English)
5. Children’s World
6. Champak (Hindi)
7. Champak (English)
8. Yojana
9. Current Affairs (Hindi)
10. Current Affairs (English)
11. Tell Me Why
12. Science Reporter
13. Sport Star
14. India Today
15. Outlook
16. Bal Bharti
17. Nandan
18. Tinkle
19. Magic Pot
20. Mathematics Today



Our medical room is situated on the ground floor. The matrons are in charge of it. Medical room has comfortable beds and first-aid facilities. Doctors are called, if necessary. And, in case of an emergency and if the child lives far, the school takes the ailing child to hospital while parents are kept informed. Students should only be allowed to visit the medical room during break time or lunch time in genuine emergencies.
Students must have a note or nurse pass from the class teacher if they need to come to the medical room during lessons. Any students who are returned to the classroom will receive a medical slip to present to teacher on their return. Parents will be contact if any student needs any medical treatment. Every visit made by a student, especially during lesson hours, is properly recorded by the Nurse. This can be accessed by staff for tracking students.
Audio Visual Room

The AV room has a television set and a DVD player. A dynamic, innovative, ingenious and avant garde teacher improvises and devises different methods to make the topic being taught more vivid, concrete and easy to understand. The teachers plan and schedule some of their lessons in such a manner that the students are taken to the Audio Visual room to watch television programmes. A lesson on the Parliamentary system of governance can be taught more effectively by watching a live telecast of the Parliament in session. Similarly a Geography or Science class can be vitalized and vivified by a programme ,a film or presentation.

The school has staged many Broadway musicals and adapted many Hollywood films into plays. That’s the time when the actors throng the AV Room to watch the films ,learn and of course craft their signature style of acting.



Transport facility is extended to the students of the school. The school reserves the right to alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with due notice. The routes are also likely to change in case of roads repairs by the civic authority and no advance can be issued in such circumstances.



Art &  Craft facility facility is extended to the students of the school. The school reserves the right to alter or withdraw this facility on any of the routes with due notice.