1. Eco Club (Green Land)

  1. To inculcate the environment friendly habits in children.
  2. To promote such activities which stop degradation of nature and improve the condition of our Natural Environment.
  3. To involve young learners in efforts to preserve environment.
  4. To create a clean and green consciousness among students.
  5. To increase the awareness among students regarding Environmental Issues and their duties towards the nature.
  6. To teach the importance of Environment to students and nurture them as Environment Protector.
  7. To empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects.
  8. To inculcate a sense of sustainable habits and sustainable practices.

   2. Einstein Club

In order to showcase the dignity of this aura in CHHOTU RAM PUBLIC SCHOOL, EINSTEIN CLUB has built up a pathway using three branches of SCIENCE which includes- PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY LABORATORIES.     It’s not just a club; it’s basically a gateway of a child’s growth and development for the progress of the nation in the field of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. It includes usage of various tools entangled with codes accompanied with MATLAB, RASPBERRY PI, EMBEDDED, MICROCONTROLLERS, ARDUINO UNO & NANO & many more.     Not only with the tools mentioned above but with numerous other formats awareness of national & international celebrated events are executed via models, speech, quiz, street theatre programmes.   
   3. Kala Deergha Club

‘Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, to inspire and to motivate.’

Through arts and crafts a child not only learns about new shapes and colors but also becomes aware of different patterns and figureas. Activities such as jewellery making or sculpting even require visualizing and memorizing complex designs in the mind.

Kaladeergha Club of CRPS is providing a platform to enhance creative skills and artistic talents of students.


  • To encourage creative expressions.
  • To create artwork around the campus.
  • Giving opportunities to the students.

To discover new crafts and bring together a group of like-minded students.

Our club is open for different activities such as Rangoli, painting, drawing, composition, ceramics, collage, sculpture, craft, calligraphy, textile, architecture and much more.

  4. Linguistic Club

  1. To make students aware of importance of English.
  2. To create English speaking environment in school campus.
  3. To provide platform to students for the development of communication skills.
  4. To enhance students’ English Knowledge.
  5. To help them to gain stage courage through different activities.
   5. MarryCom Club

Sports have been an integral part of school education. Sports include various physical movements and activities that help the students to remain fit and healthy. In this regard, the club organizes many intramural sports competitions and Fit India Movement Activities. The club helps in arousing and maintaining student’s interest in sports. Along with the main objective of the club is to develop motor abilities like strength, speed, endurance, coordination, flexibility, agility and balance, as these are the important aspects for good performance in different games and sports.
The club is committed:
  • To keep the students active and free minded,
  • To help maintain a healthy life,
  • To develop the physical as well as mental agility and flexibility,
  • To grow a sports person’s spirit among the students,
  • To help students concentrate on studies,
  • To direct behavioral, physical and cognitive changes,
  • To enhance creativity of mind, and
  • To retain emotional stability during a crisis.   
   6. Ramanujan Club


‘The Ramanujan Club helps in arousing and maintaining students’ interest in Mathematics. It providesthe students with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative and inventive skills by inculcating the habit of self study and independent work. The club organized various events throughout the year with motto ‘To train the brains with logics and ideas’. 

Some of the highlighted objectives of Ramanujan Club are:

  • To help students to build interest and confidence in learning the subject.
  • To provide an opportunity to exhibit the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.
  • To bridge the gap between theory and practice of Mathematical concepts.

   7. Natrajan Club