Absence & Leave

Absence and Leave

No student shall be absent from the school without a leave application duly signed by the parents/guardians.

The students are strictly not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

The parents/guardian should not request for frequent short leave as it slows down studies.

For leave or absence for continuous 3 days, it is essential to apply through the page of this school diary already provided.

 For leave or absence for more than 3 day, in case of sickness, a medical certificate must be sent /submitted along with a petition duly signed by parent.

For long absence, prior permission is needed. The name of the student who remains absent for six consecutive days without prior sanction leaves will be struck off without information to the parents.

Each absence must be entered briefly in the non-attendance and leave record page, provided in the later part of this diary and duly signed by the parents/guardians.