Inclusive Education

Now-a-days, a vast majority of students with disabilities spend their school days in general education classroom surrounded by non-disabled peers. The reason for this is they receive better instruction when taught alongside their non-disabled peers. 
1. To master general education content
2. General Education Content
3. General educators
4. Special educator

They all must work together to provide inclusive classroom to special children. Every student with disability is entitled to an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
The IEP covers a student’s annual goal, services to be provided and the extent to which they can participate with non-disabled students.
1. Create a safe place
2. Accommodation and modification
3. Differentiate instruction (Individual differences/needs should be considered)

The aim of this is to ensure that all students are treated fairly and get equal opportunity. Within an inclusive education environment, student diversity and uniqueness should be celebrated without discrimination. No student should be segregated based on differences or learning capabilities.